Today in History: The Chosin Reservoir

71 years ago on November 27th 1950 the Chosin Reservoir kicked off. Pitting the 1st Marine Division against multiple Chinese divisions. Web gear was a mix of WWII and post war. And even though 30 round mags were around for the carbine most see to have been using 15 rounders. One thing to note is the minimalist nature of most guys gear in Korea. Just the bear essentials. Anything else was kept in the pack and ditched at the first contact. An M1947 USN/USMC parka would be more appropriate for this but they are like hens teeth. The Army and Air Force versions turn up from time to time but are just a bit different.

Blog - The US Marine Corps' Finest Hour - Battle of the Chosin Reservoir - Osprey Publishing
11-199 Garand Picture of the Day - Chosin Reservoir

Typical US soldier get up for first half of the Korean War. While everyone likes to focus on the Marines at Chosin, the CCF attacked the width of the peninsula. As well the were soldiers at Chosin as well. Read up on Task Force Maclean/Faith. While most Marines had their signature parkas most soldiers seemed to only have M43s in 1950.

Bloodbath at the Chosin - Warfare History Network
Two soldiers of the U.S. Army 7th Infantry Division patrol the banks of the Yalu River at the Chinese border.

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