WPG Jungle Boot Review

This is going to be an ongoing review. So as I get more data I’ll keep coming back and adding to the article and reposting.

If you want to see the initial unboxing click HERE

I finally had a chance to take What Price Glory’s 2nd Pattern Jungle Boots out for a little test. Sorry but it wasn’t a very serious test with lots of heavy use. Just a little hike to kill some time. As mentioned in the initial impressions video/article they are much more voluminous than I expected. I had to cinch the laces up until the leather was touching to get something close to a decent fit. Even with that my feet was swimming in them. I think I will have to try getting a Dr. Scholl’s and put it over the top of the protective insoles as well as wear cushioned socks to take up the space. Granted I don’t have thick feet or ankle so your mileage may very but still it is a bit over done.

The tread was really grippy though. No slippage in the loose dirt/gravel we have around here. I really dislike the Panama sole as the traction is always sub par and just seems to wear out way too fast in the center, so the vibram is much appreciated.

Not really loose dirt and not really gravel

Besides the looseness there were no problems. Wish they had just made them in regular sizes instead of the “wide” but at least there are some 2nd Patterns to be had now.

I’ll update you when I’m able to get some more wear on them.

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