Let’s Discuss: Thermal vs NOD

Let’s hear your thoughts; Thermal scope or night vision monocular?
To be perfectly clear this is in reference to a rifle mounted scope versus a helmet mounted monocular. Obviously there are a ton of other devices out there like the quad tubes and the new hybrid devices that combine both thermal and night vision, but currently these are the two most common options encountered. Ideally it would be nice to hear from subject matter experts who have experience with these things but if you just have a well thought out position feel free to chime in.

ATN ThOR-LT 4-8x Thermal Rifle Scope, Black, TIWSTLT148X
TRYBE Optics PVS-14 GEN 3 Pinnacle Night Vision Monocular

I thought about throwing this up on Scattered Shots as well but thought it was a little to basic for that crowd

Personally I can see pros with either. The thermal allows you to spot targets better and gives you magnification, and the NV can be used for general just walking around not just shooting.

So leave a comment, lets see what we get.

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