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So I finally played Battlefield V. A friend of mine bought it for me as a gift so shout out for looking out. It is a game of contradictions that is for sure. I think what you look for in a game will have a big impact on how you see it too.

Battlefield 5: Breakthrough Gameplay (No Commentary) - YouTube

If you don’t want to read here’s a quick nitty gritty breakdown

Tank controls are same terrible ones from bf1
Games are super 1 sided/iffy map layouts
Conquest is pretty much broken
Historical inaccuracies
Freeze when hit?

Loads faster than BF1
Looks good
Guns aren’t ridiculous like COD
Mechanics are mostly good

Kind of a mixed bag. Nothing particularly memorable.

Let’s hear the bad news first.

The tank controls are a hold over from BF1 and are gawd awful. Aiming and shooting are fine but drying to drive is miserable. Even after going to far as to create a customer scheme to match the controls from BF4 doesn’t help. The main issue is that the direction input changes depending on which way the turret is facing. So if you are driving and move your turret the input to go forward eventually becomes backwards and that’s assuming you didn’t just arbitrarily turn in conjunction with the turret.

The games themselves have a tendency to be super one sided. Not always but there seems to be a balancing issue. plus they took away the ability to switch teams. So if you got split up from your squad you can’t switch to join them or if you are on a crummy team you are stuck on that team for the duration of you time in the lobby. Some of the map layouts are iffy as well. Not terrible but some of them favor one side over the other.

Conquest is out of whack. The basic premise is unchanged but the speed at which tickets drop goes so fast when multiple points are captured that you can be winning by a wide margin for 25 minutes then lose in the last 5. And all it takes to through off victory is to have a single player hide at an objective as it won’t count toward the score if there is someone there.

I’m not sure if this is just a me thing but when I get hit I seem to pause/slow down or almost freeze for a split second. It’s aggravating when you are trying to get out of the line of fire but then freeze for a split second resulting in your death.

Historical inaccuracies are probably the biggest issue this game had and really hobbled it. That and the developers reaction to complaints. The game pushed the inclusion so hard to the point that it is distracting. I don’t know why but all the female voices cut through the din of the game so you just constantly hear women’s voices either yelling or screaming. Never even notice the men’s, not even sure if they scream, never heard one. Then there is the steam punk premium characters that are all over the place. Just makes it look cheesy. There’s some smaller stuff too in the uniforms which just make me scratch my head, like all the US Marines have Airborne liner A-yokes hanging down. That would take extra work to create and render as well as making no sense. There was a lot of effort on the British and German factions but the US and Japanese feel very slapped together.

Battlefield V: New Content and New Problems | Screen Rant
(Seriously what is this?)

Side note if your biggest market is the US having their faction not be released until almost a year after launch and then be just a paltry expansion is not going to help your sales either.

Speaking of sales, due to their spazzy role out and then solution of trashing on anything but glowing comments the game never sold for full price. Battlefield 4 from years ago is still selling for $35 and this has been $7.50 for months. Not the best business strategy.

Now the good news

Games load faster than BF1. That was a pretty big head ache on the last game which is gladly fixed. getting in and out is a lot faster. Not quite as fast as BF4 but not bad.

The graphics are really good, everything looks really clean. The scenery on the maps is also top notch. They really made some beautiful maps.

The mechanics are also pretty good, there is hardly any snagging on scenery and the little things like being able to go prone on your back are really helpful. All the movements are smooth essentially. The ability to actually get a kill and keep from getting killed also feels pretty balanced.

Battlefield V focuses more on team play, providing slower and more tightly contested matches ...

Something I appreciate is that DICE didn’t go too crazy on the weapons. They kept them looking as realistic as possible, for example instead of adding crazy looking upgrades the upgrade is just functional and not visual. so you still get to upgrade the performance and tweek your weapons but they still look normal. There are skins/paint you can unlock but it isn’t that noticeable most if the time. There are some anachronisms but at least it stays to a minimum.

The Campaign
The campaign is a little confusing. If you ever played older Battlefields like Bad Company the first two levels are a familiar format. Where the level is basically a multi-player map with a story overlaid on it. Not all of the campaign is like that but some noticeable parts are. And they make it out to be a stealth mission in the beginning but then don’t give you any tools to perform stealth or really any opportunities. So it’s a little confusing. The characters are also a bit over the top too. The first one is an obnoxious Cockney accented chatterbox. I’ve never played a game where I actually hoped my own character died. Then in the second mission you are a smallish teenage girl with emo hair. At least she’s quiet. Level 3 is a French Senegalese troop, who are actually just fine pretty human/believable, and there is a subplot about how you’re hubris creates a pyrrhic victory but they lay on the racism a bit thick. Not too egregious but it takes the wind out of your sails. So that level has some solid elements but then it sort of peters out. The last level is a Tank level and it pretty fun. But it’s a lot of just driving through tight streets so just feels like a tunnel. Actually the last two levels have a very linear feel to them. The graphics seem to lose their sharpness a tiny bit too. Maybe it’s just me.
So it’s a mixed bag, fun but not particularly memorable. I don’t have a drive to go back and play it over again. So its not bad, it’s just, meh.

Overall it is a fun game and I enjoy playing it. But I do feel like it is a pretty big missed opportunity. It good have been perfect but they had to either mess with some things or insist on the PC stuff.

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