USN Mk2 Utility Knife

The Navy Mark 2 knife is essentially just a Ka-Bar with different markings. The USMC began receiving their Ka-Bars in January of 1943 and shortly after the U.S. Navy, having become disenchanted with blade failures on the USN Mark 1 utility knife, adopted the Ka-Bar as the US Navy Utility Knife, Mark 2. The USMC for their part would then redesignate their Ka-Bars “USMC Mark 2 Combat Knife,” or simply the “Knife, Fighting Utility.”

Unfortunately the strap was lost long ago. Which seems to be a common problem and there was only a realatively small stitch holding it on.
Some paracord was added at some point to I assume act as a wat to secure the knife or sheath somehow. It is too short to fit around the handle though so I’m not sure. I am hesitant to remove it though in case it has some significance I am simply not aware of.
This particular knife is a mid 1944-1945 production example as that was when the markings were moved to the guard.
The NORD-6581 would indicate this sheath being produced in the June 1944 order.

A helpful source is this thread on the US Militaria Forum

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