WPG 2nd Pattern Jungle Boots

I picked up a pair of the What Price Glory 2nd Pattern Jungle Boots recently and did a little unboxing video and figured I would compare them to some GI jungle boots as well as give some initial impressions. This is an initial and not a long term review. I will do a longer review when I have time to put some miles on them so stay tuned for that.

The canvas does feel slightly softer that the original boots, but the leather feels and looks good.

The nylon is a more tan-ish color but I’m told that is appropriate for the early 1st and 2nd pattern boots. The depth of the boot can be seen here compared to the original. Now I always have a little trouble with the originaly boots being to tight but the WPG repros are almost too much the other way. But I don’t have large feet so if you have large or thick feet it will probably be a welcome change.

The date looks good, and the drain holes are pretty close. not perfect but better that some of the other repros out there. You can notice the leather is a bit higher than the originals, a small difference and my sample size is one so it could be like this on other boots but just something I noticed.

The treads look good and feel like the will hold up.

They don’t come with the nylon/kevlar insoles. Just these little foam pads with is a little disappointing. I ordered some GI insoles but the size is not a match to the GI boots so the insole bunches when put in. you could try using a size smaller but I just put the foam pad back in over the them and it feels really comfortable.

Overall most everything is positive with these boots but the only concern I have is inside. Instead of leather stitched all the way around the outside it’s just fiberboard with a rivet or two. I did drip some water on it so check and it doesn’t absorb right away but does after a little bit. So it does concern me if you are to use these in the water or get them wet.

I will put them trough some use and see how they do and do a follow up review so stay tuned.

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