LGB Model Trains

A Little Backstory
LGB, short Lehmann Gross Bahn, is a model train company that started in 1968 in Nuremberg. They actually created the G-scale size and are known for being weather proof. The company sadly went out of business in 2007 with the declining interest in model trains over the years. LGB was bought by a another model company so you can still buy them but the product line is much smaller now and much of the production has moved outside of Germany.

G-scale is a pretty interesting size as it is the largest for one but also build to be run outside. So you can run the trains in any weather within reason. Just don’t get the transformer wet I guess. They are also much more durable than the smaller sizes so are good with kids. The small details you will have to be wary of but for the most part they are pretty tough. Some of the downsides are that the size will take up a lot more space than more common smaller sizes and the price. Also the scale is not consistent so for hardcore modelers it can be a bit of an issue to maintain continuity.

One thing that continually impresses me with the brand is the quality and durability. All the the stuff you see is either just under 30 years old or over 30. And they have all held up and the only maintenance that was needed was when I got them out for my kids the grease had hardened up inside. so I have to clean it out and replace it. That’ it. So if you want to get some you can pick them up used with out much concern. Interestingly the price of a starter set is the same as it was 30 years ago. So the relative price has actually dropped considerably. The individual items have sadly not had the same effect and are pretty pricey.

If you can set them up near dirt you are in business for the kids as they love being able to actually be able to pour real dirt and rocks in the cars and then dump it out. Just about everything works for real. Tank cars can be filled and drained, mine cars tipped etc. etc. Just hose them off when you’re done (although I would take it easy on anything with electronics, on those I would just wipe them down to be safe)

I originally had just one larger track set up in the raised planter under the bushes where the boys would dig all the time but it was hard for them to reach it and they kept digging under the tracks making them shift and sink. So I moved them over to the areas around the palm trees. It just so happened to fit perfectly, so now there are two smaller tracks so they can each do their own thing as well as reach every part. And since it’s hard packed over there I don’t have to worry about them digging everything up either.

A quick video so shot the spacing and a little running.

I’ll do some other posts about this here and there. I always found it pretty fun and honestly relaxing.

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