Late War Marine Airsoft 8/8/2012

Finally got out of the house to go do something. Put the gear choice to a vote and got “Vietnam” and “regular unit.” Since I wanted to use my Moore Militaria ERDL’s (because they’re awesome and I love them) I put together a late war Marine impression. Thankfully the guy’s from the High Desert Airsoft Group (website, facebook, instagram) put on a really good weekly pick up game. Even with the “lower” turn out during summer it was still a pretty big group. And these guys do all this for free most of them time. Just want to show some appreciation to them. Luckily the weather proved to be pretty nice. 70s and 80s most of the morning with a strong breeze. Did get up to 90 why I started packing up, but still not bad at all.

Since I wanted to be able to claim a little bit of practice I made sure the flak stayed on all day to keep the weight up. It’s not as much as plates but it’s still up there.

Did ammo and a few extras like electrical tap, zip ties, and an ace bandage in the bandolier, and the GoPro accessories and remaining extras like a multitool and spare batter in the claymore bag. I debated on whether or not to take the haversack but since it would have been mostly empty and it’s not easy access I decided against it. And in the sun the more water the better, went though two canteens before the day was over and half of the third one before I left.

Took the pistol but as always never used it.

Here’s the reference photos I used

Solid turn out
I should have gotten some more pictures of the group.

A detailed shot of the web gear. Left to right; a single M1956 ammo pouch (fits 3 “30” round magazines), M7 Bayonet, three M1956 canteen carriers and canteens (was expecting heat so wanted to make sure I had plenty of water), M1916 holster and 1911, and Jungle first aid kit (with 2 speed loaders just in case). The rest of the gear I had slung in the bandolier and claymore bag. The suspenders are the L (large/long) size M1956 suspenders, which are pretty much a must of you are planning to wear the flak jacket over the top, the R (regular) size will have the belt riding too high without the buttpack in place.

Excuse the mask, I know they look goofy but I like my teeth. (4 out of the 8 of the regular guys I meet with have lost a tooth at some point) Plus I didn’t know the type of people I would be playing with (Sometimes it’s not the most sportsmanlike players and you get mag dumped in the face). And since this is unregulated and outdoors most players have their guns running 400fps or even 500fps with .30gr BBs. So plenty to take a tooth out. But the group ended up being super careful so I’ll probably ditch it next time.

In case you’re wondering why you don’t hear any bursts. The new game rules are semi for only for rifles, hence the lack of full auto. The idea was to force some different gear choices and play styles.

Wish it was a little easier to see the other players in the videos

So on this last one I’m laughing and running at the end as I was trying to get out of the area but kept running into more of the other team. Just kept running and surprising them and they kept missing. Ran though the entire team before running right into a pair of LMGs

One thing that I think people forget is that less is more. It’s really tempting to pile the gear on but every extra piece slows you down that much more. Ever wonder why guys have such little equipment on in photos in earlier wars? Speed is life. Lot’s of pictures that are taken after the initial start of a battle show guys with just the bare minimum on. Even though I was traveling pretty light I still felt the difference in running and how fast I was able to go prone and get back up.

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