Little Bro’s First Backpacking Trip

Took the clones out for a backpacking trip again. This would have been the older’s third trip but last years was canceled due to all the wildfires. And it was little bro’s first trip. He was pretty bummed to be left behind before so he was excited to join this time. Big bro has turned in to quite the natural, he was tromping off way ahead of us and did a good job staying hydrated. Little bro did pretty good and kept up but hadn’t quite learned the lesson of why we drink lots of water, but still did pretty well over all. They were certainly a popular pair on the trail. As for the trail itself it’s not too bad. The trial head is about 8420, and the campground is about 9100′ and about 2-1/2 miles long. Although it does feel more like 3, the maps of the area seem to all have some scale issues so I would not be surprised if it was actually three miles.

If you’re curious what backpack that is it is a Vietnam era ARVN rucksack. Yes I am that much of a nerd. In my defense I had him try a number of different options and he said that fit the best.
There was some fighting over who got to be the leader.
Well that didn’t last long.
How I ended up looking about half the time. It was actually pretty comfortable despite looking crazy.
Tried a blow up pad this time. Not fun.
Lucked out with a perfect site near the water spout. (stream was dry so any water had to be gotten from the cistern)
Only time a rock feel good/comfy.
This thing was a bit of a mixed bag. Comfortable but the “wings” make you feel like you’re falling off and then it deflated in the middle of the night.
Tried out the gravity filter this year. I can see why it has become so popular.
This one is taking to the wilderness a little too well. I don’t want to hold him back or scare him but he has virtually zero fear out there and I would much rather him have just a little to keep him out of trouble. Or at the very least to stop stressing me out.
They made a fort for themselves.
That’s about it for camp kitchen.
Lucky for me they actually like the freeze dried food for the most part. Insisted on eating on their “ship”.
Some stove glamour shots
It really did work great. No complaints
They were VERY excited for their hot chocolate. Were asking for it as soon as we set up camp even.
Heading back down.
A bit more whining the second day but they made it.

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