1st Provisional Marine Brigade on Guam

Activated on April 18th 1944 on Guadalcanal and built around the 4th and 22nd Marine Regiments. The brigade would join the 3rd Marine Division and Army’s 77th Infantry Division for the invasion of Guam. While only being recently activated the sub units had already seen combat. Most notably the the 4th Marine Regiment which was actually the four existing Raider battalion simply combined into a regiment and redesignated. The 22nd Marines took part in the Battle of Eniwetok just a few months earlier as well. So the brigade had plenty of combat experience already. After Guam the Brigade would go on to form the basis of the 6th Marine Division for the Battle of Okinawa.

I broke up the photos into slide shows for each series to keep it from just being one long scroll. So make sure to swipe through to see them all.

Hitting the Beach. I’m pretty happy with how this set came out. I’ll have to make a point to do more high angle shots like this next time.

Moving Down a Road

Tried to recreate the photo below but didn’t get the angle right.

Diaporama Photo Bataille de Guam en 1944 | Laintimes
This photo was also part the inspiration for the set up in this photo shoot

Working through the jungle and underbrush

Securing the Orote Peninsula

Streams and snipers

Pushing north across the plains towards Ritidian Point

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