Medal of Honor: Airborne

So let’s do an OG game review. In a time when most games are all pretty similar there was a time when companies experimented. Medal of Honor: Airborne was one of the most unique I’ve played. Besides going the extra mile on things like audio and weapons it added a lot of unique game play.

The missions start off with a briefing showing most of the map and where the initial objectives are and where safe zones are.

Then before you start you get to choose your Loud out based on what you saw in the briefing. I know that’s not the most original thing but I can’t think of another FPS that does that off hand. Especially for a campaign. The weapons would also upgrade the more you used them. By the time they’re maxed out they are almost over powered.

Then you start the mission by jumping from a C47. This changes where you start on the map. You can even stay in the plane a little longer to get farther down the map.

After you jump you can move your parachute (a bit) to land where you want. There by starting the level from a point of your choosing. Also there are different ways you can land which effect the speed at which you get out of your chute. Really adds to the immersion.

Now the amount of weapons you carry is a bit unrealistic but not as bad as the old days. Two main and a side arm plus grenades. The grenade function is one if my favorite. You can aim, cook and control strength of your throw. Sounds complicated but its all in how long and how far down you hold the trigger button. Really let’s you get creative. Plus its only the second game I’ve seen with rifle grenades, Call of Duty: World at War being the other one but these are much more realistically done.

For how old this game is it even still looks pretty good. Really wish they would do something like this again. It is a great game worthy of a reboot.

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