Not much has been going on around here and I wanted to see how the new DPCU would look. It is not a copy of the old World War II P42 frog skin camouflage but it is the heavily influenced by it and arguably is the successor to it. So LARP it is. A modern combat shirt in P42 would be pretty slick but also over $100, found this for $15.

The DCP actually blend surprisingly well with multicam. The two together don’t look out of place at all. Why solid pants? Well the pair that came with the shirt were way to small, and I was trying out looking less official. Plus they are nylon so goes with the lightweight/quick dry nature of the rest.

I have smaller goggles but honestly I kind of like the coverage of ESS. Plus the smaller ones would need to go under the helmet and earmuffs.

Something I would like to point out is that even though all the clothing was thin breathable material and the temperature was only in the mid 60s as soon I covered my face and hands I was instantly hot. Even just standing around. So keep that in mind, you might want to leave your face exposed or skip the gloves. Or at least roll your sleeves up.

2 thoughts on “LARPing

    1. It’s an Australian Army Shirt. This is the last version that used the DPCU pattern. The new pattern is a cross between this and multicam. This one I just stumbled across at a surplus store. But you might be able to find some on Ebay.

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