Market Garden: Photo Analysis

Here is a quick down and dirty photo analysis for market garden. I think this is one of the first ones I did so it lacks the lines and detail in the photos. But the gist is still there. One major point, Stop putting the airborne first aid kit on your helmet. As far as I can find only the 502nd PIR did that, none of the other regiments.

1 & 2: the later web chinstraps being worn (some claim these weren’t seen until varsity) and the first aid kits on the weak side shoulder.

On This Day In History: Operation Market-Garden Launched –

3 – 6: standard carbine pouches in use. Both “stock” and “belt” versions.

Why WWII Operation Market Garden Failed to Defeat German Forces

7 & 8: the 2 different gasmasks in use by the different divisions

M5 mask and M7 carrier for the 101st
M4 mask and M6 carrier for the 82nd

9 & 10: M1942 uniforms and rigger pouches.

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