Shovel on the Suspenders in Saipan

Something popular during the Battle of Saipan was the wearing of the M1910 entrenching tool attached to the suspenders. Unfortunately I am not entirely sure how it was done. I have seen in other battles the shovel without any cover just being tucked behind the straps. But in all the pictures of the battle the cover is being used. So I assume that they are hooking the carrier itself onto the suspenders somehow. Here is how I did it for the photos.

I twisted the suspender straps to slip up under the wire hanger so that it would hang above the point there the straps cross.

Looks like this Marine is using this method

Another method I tried, that was easier, was to slide the hanger over straps at the point where they cross. It’s easier and flatter but does result in the shovel hanging pretty low.

In most of the pictures the shovel cover seems to rest pretty high on the back which makes me think that they used a different method than pictured. Likely either tying it with string or maybe even grenade rings. In theory they could have the “mounted” cover with the hook at the bottom but I think that would be highly unlikely.

If any Vets are still out there feel free to fill me in or set me straight on the methods

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