Weapon Light Upgrade

Project time. So I’ve been meaning to put a light on my rifle sine 2009/10 but never got around to it. And to call my budget these days shoestring would be too generous. It’s More like dental floss. So before you harp on the utter garbage of this, yes I know. If you want to donate me a Surefire scout light or similar I will happily swap it out.

So I had an old surefire G2Z lying around not getting much use so I decided to see if I could turn it into a weapon mount.

Measured the body and found that Viking Tactics makes an affordable/cheap mount with an insert that will fit the smaller diameter body.

Then found a cheap pressure switch on Amazon that would fit it. I tried forever to find a better switch but since this light really wasn’t intended for this use and it’s also been discontinued for some time now it left me with few options.

For the switch mount I got one of the Ergo Grips mounts. Again something affordable/cheap.

First hiccup was that the light body has a molded lip on it that would not allow the spacer to slide on. So I had to use the 1″ ring and spread out the rubber washers on the body to fill the gap. Actually works ok, not ideal, but functional. Then the tape switch was a little under sized, but luckily the way the switch mount goes together it sandwiches it in pretty securely. Mushed it all together and it’s not half bad.

Here you can see the “undersized-ness” of the switch
Moved the washers that were for grip to line up with the slots to work as spacers. Actually worked surprisingly.

Granted if you can afford a regular weapon light that is better than this but being able to just spend $10 here $20 there was what my situation dictated. I also swapped the bulb out for an LED one. It may not be clear in the video but The original even though its relatively low lumens. I think 65? It is pretty focused and has a lot of definition to it. The LED is more like a flood light and seems to wash out at longer distance. To me that has always been my biggest annoyance with LED’s. They can be bright but never seem to “cut” through the dark or have a pretty washed out looking effect on what they illuminate. I’ll stick with the LED though as it has much better output and I’m sure battery life.

Viking Tactics mount: good. Recommend it.
Tape switch: meh, chicom garbage. Functions but seems pretty flimsy.
Ergo switch mount: not bad. It’s a little too thick for my taste but the other option I was planning to get was the Tango Down Scar panel would have put the switch too far back to reach with a more normal grip. I think I may try it though and see about just flipping it around backwards.
LED Bulb: Not bad

Current end result

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