D-Day in Games: Medal of Honor: Frontline

In honor of D-Day let’s take a look at how the battle has been represented in video games. We’ll start with one of the earliest and most classic, Medal of Honor: Frontline. The game has 1 D-Day mission with two levels. The first one starts in the LCVPs and has the player assaulting across the beach. Being produced by Dreamworks it has a lot of inspiration from the other Spielberg project “Saving Private Ryan.” A lot of the story and cinematics are almost direct copies of the beginning of that movie. Even though it is a dated game the look and feel are still pretty classic.

I was always impressed with the amount of detail they were able to get out such an early game, especially the faces

The next level takes place inside one of the bunkers. Not nearly as classic or striking as the previous level it is fun none-the-less. One thing that was always appreciated about this series was the artwork. the load screens just look dramatic and beautiful.

Sorry for the blur, it’s hard trying to hold the controller and phone at the same time.

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