Today in History: D-Day (Commonwealth)

77 years ago today, June 6th 1944, Operation Neptune began. The opening phase of Operation Overlord, saw six infantry divisions landed by sea and three by air totally over 150,000 men. There were a total of five landing beaches, two American, two British and one Canadian. Yesterday I posted some pictures of the US landing forces but it was a joint landing so wanted to showcase the commonwealth forces as well.

50th Infantry Division, Gold Beach

Gold Beach | Facts, Map, & Normandy Invasion | Britannica
Gold Beach - Wikipedia
Gold Beach 1944 High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy
History of the British landing at Gold Beach on D-Day – D-Day Overlord

3rd Canadian Infantry Division, Juno Beach

D-Day Assault on Juno Beach - Warfare History Network
Normandy Juno Beach Assault Battle Map – Battle Archives
Juno Beach 1944 | American D-Day Tours | Normandy Beaches Battlefield Guide
Juno Beach: Day of Courage | The Canadian Encyclopedia

3rd Infantry Division, Sword Beach

History of the landing on Sword Beach on D-Day, June 6th 1944 – D-Day  Overlord
Sword Beach | Facts, Map, & Normandy Invasion | Britannica
Men of the Royal Norfolk Regiment/3rd Infantry Division on D-Day 1944/Sword  Beach - pin by Paolo Marzioli | D day, D day normandy, D day 1944
Sword Beach - Wikipedia

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