At The Front M1943 Field Jacket

So got an ATF M43 jacket finally.
Super stoked. I wanted one for a good while and they’re well made.

Buuuuuut…. there is a little bit of an issue with them. First isn’t really much of an issue but they went with generic sizes this time to save on supplies. Makes total sense but does mean it’s hard to get a nice fit. The other is the sleeve cuffs are cut too small. I’m a pretty thin guy and I can barely get my hands through on the large button. I tried two solutions. First was to safety pin the gusset but that was unsatisfactory so went with the hair tie through the button hole. (Anyone with a pregnant wife should recognize that trick). Considered sending it back but I assume the whole batch is cut the same.

Color looks fine here

Another thing that is odd is that in person the color matches pretty much perfectly with an original unissued hood, but in photo’s or under certain lighting in looks brown. Just weird but not a problem in person.

Here you can see the size difference vs an original and how it can show up brown in photos or certain light.

Final verdict, I’m not sure. Materials and construction are top notch, but the sleeves, and to an extent the sizing and color and less than ideal. I think I would say it’s a 50/50. Not a solid buy but also not really an avoid either.

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