M1 Enblocs in MOLLE Pouches

The M1 Carbine post the other day got me thinking about other guns. So if you want to shoot you M1 Garand but don’t have a cartridge belt or want to wear one you can make use of MOLLE grenade pouches. Now the M1 Carbine/Garand belt pouch is superior. They’re cheap and plentiful so I would recommend that if feasible. (or a cartridge belt)

But if those are not an option you can fit 2 enblocs and close the lid on the MOLLE grenade pouches. They do sit low though so you will have to fish them out.

Either direction works

They eagle version is cut lower so you can reach them better, but they don’t close quite right as the buckle ends up right in the middle.

So they do close and work but it is a little funky. Same with the previous either orientation works.

I do have it on good authority that the 40mm pouches work too. Not sure if this is useful to anyone with a Garand but here it is.

Or you can always just got the purpose built route and buy some of the modern Olongapo pouches.

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