Peltor to Radio Adapting

So I have an old set of Peltor SWAT IIs that I always wanted to connect to a walkie talkie. Never got around to it until recently. I’m not sure if these predate the COMTACs that most people are familiar with these days but I am inclined to think they do. So since they are older that means the connections are ever so slightly different. Therefore trying to find a way to effectively connect them took a bit of research. On top of that 3M wants a god aweful amount for what amounts to not much more than a phone jack. Well finally figured out a solution last year.

I found this 3M Peltor adapter cable that will work with the older style head set I have and then I found this speaker mic with a head phone jack in it. Plugged the three together and works like a charm. The mic serve a couple purposes, first it’s a mic so you can put your radio in a pouch obviously enough but it also serves to adapt the standard 3.5mm jack from the Peltors to whatever style of jack the walkie has. A nice bonus is that is has two channel buttons so you can still switch between them. Something that a lot of the other headset/earpiece things lack. Just make sure that when ordering you have the correct jack size selected as there are different options.

Now if you already have COMTACs then this won’t work for you but if you have the older style or the jobsite sets then this should do the trick. Plus it’s an easy gift idea for people (partly why I did it this way and it took so long). If someone is not up to speed on this type of stuff it’s a lot easier for them to just click an Amazon button and being $30 bucks or less per piece makes it an easy pill to swallow.

Of course shortly after I do this I see that a new headset mic style has come out. So I’ll have to try that next. It’s made in China though so we’ll see how the quality is.

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