Today in History: Recapture of Seoul

71 years ago today, September 25th 1950, the Second Battle of Seoul began. This being the retaking of Seoul from the North Korean forces by the Marines after landing at Inchon. At this early stage of the war the majority of equipment was khaki WWII vintage. While 30 round mags were available for the M1 carbine most still had 15s. And there were plenty of “stock” pouches still available which seems to have been put on their stocks by most. Leggings were still standard at this point but the double buckles were seen a fair bit. The jungle first aid kits were worn on the right side (position varies but almost always stays on that side) and the 2 pocket grenade pouch was popular. Unfortunately the way it hangs make it hard to see.

12-283 Garand Picture of the Day - Seoul 1950
Seoul—September 1950 Part III | Weapons and Warfare
File:United Nations troops fighting in the streets of Seoul, Korea  HD-SN-99-03081.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
14-252 Garand Picture of the Day - Seoul September 1950.
1st Division Marines in Seoul South Korea Sept 1950 - Album on Imgur
Korean War US Marines 1950' Photographic Print - Max Desfor |
336 hours in Seoul: The Seoul Museum of History
The Dead District na Twitteru: "Along the road from Seoul to Inchon, a  Marine watched as a destroyed North Korean T-34-85 burns, 1950.… "
Whatever happened to the military's 'grease gun' - We Are The Mighty

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