Today in History: Market Garden

77 years ago today, September 17th 1944, Operation Market Garden began. Since there is plenty of info on this battle already I’ll skip it and go over the equipment. So by now most of the 82nd and 101st have been issued the new M43 uniform with modified pants. And the double buckle Combat Service Boot. Although a number of the troops who had received the Corcorans earlier still wore them. Also the 504th PIR still wore the M1942 jump uniform as they had missed out on the Normandy jump and had had not been issued the new equipment yet. There are a few 1 off cases of troopers wearing the M1942 in other units as well but if you see a group of them wearing the older uniform it’s most likely the 504th. Additionally a lot of the more custom or airborne specific equipment from earlier jumps is no longer being issued. I few rigger pouches pop up in photos here and there but they are much less common. So here we have a Carbine armed trooper with standard carbine pouches instead of rigger pouches. Although they do use a lot more than the standard Infantry man and they make good use of the new style with the eyelets. Another thing, it’s commonly thought that the first aid pouch was strapped to the helmet for market garden but I’ve only seen it in pictures attributed to the 502nd PIR. So if you are doing a different unit it would probably be best to keep it lower on either suspenders or belt. I could be wrong but just something I noticed while gathering photos. While the equipment here is pretty much the same between the 101st and 82nd the M6 gasmask bag would indicate the 82nd as they were issued the M3/4 Lightweight Gasmask while the 101st still used the M5 gas mask in the rubber E7/M7 bag. Also by this time the vast majority of helmet nets were the green smaller square British made nets.

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These next ones are of 101st paratroopers but they help illustrate the gear.

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