Today in History: Inchon Landing

71 years ago today, September 15th 1950, the Battle of Inchon began. Code named Operation Chromite it was a plan by MacArthur to attack behind North Korean forces and break the siege of Pusan. Considered today to be one of the most decisive operations in modern warfare and MacArthur’s greatest success.
The operation was carried out by the 1st and 5th Marines. The 7th arriving shortly after. A lot of the gear was WWII vintage so a lot of khaki web gear. Most Marines wore the P44 utilities but P41/P47 are also seen. Most haversacks would have been the later roll top but there were plenty of the earlier flap style since the USMC is notorious for never throwing anything away. In the photos of the landing it looks like most marines have an M43 jacket rolled up on top. Or alternatively a poncho. In some photos when you zoom in you can see what looks like the bottom seem on the jacket. Could be wrong but that’s what it looked like. Also the thickness looks like a jacket rolled up where the ponchos have narrower folds. As well, BARs were now issued with carry handles. So those show up from time to time.

US Marines landing at Inchon during Korean War. News Photo - Getty Images
This reversed the Korean War virtually overnight': The Incheon landing's  victorious, bloody legacy 69 years later - Pacific - Stripes
Medal of Honor winner Baldomero López climbing the ladder.
Operation Chromite: the Inchon Landing (Korea, 15 September 1950) - CVCE  Website
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Troops of the 31st Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division land at Inchon Harbor, Korea, aboard LST’s. September 18, 1950.

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