Today in History: Nadzab

78 years ago today, September 5th, 1943, a joint US and Australian force landed at Nadzab New Guinea. The US 503rd PIR along with the Australian 2/4th Field Regiment came by air while elements of the Australian 7th Division attacked overland. A lesser known airborne operation it has a neat look seeing paratroopers in M1942 jump uniforms in the jungle. (Which sounds miserable) Plus the 503rd had some pretty unique rigger pouches.

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503rd PIR
503rd PIR
Troops of the 2/4th Field Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery,
The skies above Nadzab became a beehive of activity as C-47 transport planes were accompanied on their mission by 146 Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter planes. Some of the fighters flew close to the C-47s while others flew top cover at higher altitude. One of two groups of C-47s in this image approaches its drop zone from 15,000 feet.
Parachutes billow as troopers exit from a transport plane somewhere over New Guinea. The drop executed at Nadzab by the 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment was the first American operation of its kind in the Pacific.
Baptism for Pacific Paratroopers - Warfare History Network
SC 185994 Nadzab Airfield, near Lae, New Guinea. An Australian "Digger" and  a U.S. Army Paratrooper meet at Nadzab on 6 September 1943.

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