Today in History: Edson’s Ridge

79 years ago today, September 12th 1942, the Battle of Edson’s Ridge began. The Marines 1st Raider Battalion and the remnants of the 1st Parachute Battalion held Lunga Ridge against the Japanese attacks against Henderson Field.

A U.S. Marine guards Hill 80 on Edson’s Ridge (also known as Bloody Ridge), Guadalcanal, in 1942.
Battle of Edson's Ridge | The National WWII Museum Blog
Guadalcana 's Bloody Ridge September 1942 | World War Photos
A Defiant Stand During the Battle at Bloody Ridge - Warfare History Network
USSOCOM on Twitter: "The Battle of Edson's Ridge began #OTD in 1942 on  Guadalcanal. The Japanese would attack Marines and Marine Raiders in waves  for two days. An airstrike finally forced them
Marine at Machine Gun Position on Edson's Ridge Guadalcanal 1942 | World  War Photos

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