Morakniv Companion Spark

These are pretty nice little knives. The blade is 4″ stainless steel with a nice bevel. The back of the blade is nice and sharply squared off with helps with striking. The main feature is the integrated fire striker. Actually why I got it, plust its a good type of blade shape for using to make tinder and a striker. Plus it’s nice to have it built in to eliminate one more thing you have to carry or keep track of. (But I would still recommend the magnesium bar as it really makes the difference in getting tinder lit.) Haven’t had a chance to use this guy unfortunately besides trying out the striker in the garage. Nothing fancy, just a simple utilitarian tool. Feels pretty solid and the rubber on the handle is grippy without being excessive. But I have a lot of confidence in it. The company is Swedish and I believe the the knife profile is a traditional shape for them. To be honest I’m too lazy to go back to the website and check. It does strike as a pretty hand all around shape for outdoor use like fishing or whittling. The sheath is plastic with drain a drain hole so it looks like it would lend itself well to that kind of work. This isn’t “tactical” it’s useful. It’s surprisingly cheap too. They run around $30.
So yeah I’ll give it a recommend
Here is the company’s page and then the Amazon listing for it. Although it wouldn’t hurt to buy it somewhere else.

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