Today in History: Liberation of Rome

77 years ago today, June 4th 1944, elements of the 5th Army (1st Armored Division I believe. Harder to confirm than I expected) moved into Rome after the Germans declared it an open city and moved north to the Gothic Line. Typical set up for 5th Army troops would be the basic M1937 wool uniform and M1928 pack. Pick Mattocks also are commonly seen due to the rocky soil in Italy. Jackets could be M1941 or also M1943 as they began being issued to units during Anzio. Helmet nets Also appear to be uncommon during this period.

Lone Sentry: 5th Army Antiaircraft, Salerno to Florence, 9 September 1943 -  8 September 1944, WWII Unit History
Pin on World War II in the Mediterranean Theater (MTO)
June 1944 Rome Captured By Allies
13th Cavalry Regiment - Wikiwand

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