New Guinea Vibes

So let me preface with I’m not totally happy with this shot. Was planning a photoshoot but didn’t really have the time so did this instead. Typical soldier set up for the New Guinea campaign. 2nd pattern HBTs and Jungle pack. Helmets are typically bare and no suspenders. I couldn’t find any photo evidence showing the 5 cell pouch but this is what I imagine an early campaign mid ’43 would look like with the 5 cell, 20rnd mags and random Cattaraugus knife. The second photo is a mid to late campaign (late 43-44) that I did find photos of. M3 knife now in the first pattern M8 scabbard and 30rnd mags in the shoulder bag. A little hard to see but there is a minty 2-tone jungle first aid pouch on the back.

This cavalry trooper actually has two Thompson magazine bags.

This looks to be from the say First Cavalry Division pictures during the lading on Los Negros. I count 3 Thompsons in one shot.

Good look at the M3 knife and first patter M8 scabbard (without the M1910 hanger). None of these carbine armed soldiers have the pouch over the stock by the way. And you can see the stock on the second man is the “high wood” cut. They also have M1928 haversacks and the early service shoes.

Great shot of the gear used and the camouflaged jungle packs. T-handle shovels and machetes all over and a good number of Thompsons again. Also take note of the the medic on the right with the M1 carbine. The Japanese did not follow the Geneva Convention rules and would regularly fire on medics so very quickly the crosses on the helmets disappeared and they carried weapons to not only defend themselves but also blend in better.

Some more jungle packs, some guys still have leggings on as well

Nice shot of a Thompson. It does look that one canteen was still standard at this stage.

Custom pistol/vertical fore grip on the Thompson in front.

Lots of jungle packs both solid and camo. Looks like most don’t have leggings on too.

Two soldiers have the camouflage coveralls on, and I spot some daisy mae hats too. The wear of leggings seems to be more on the less common side in this campaign. But they still show up frequently. If I had to guess a ratio I would think 70/30. 70 no leggings, 30 with leggings.

Lot’s of Jungle packs. It seems that any kind of helmet net was uncommon in the Pacific theater. They were used but would be the exception not the rule. I only spotted a single one in all of these photos. The leather chin strap over the front lip is also uncommon it seems as well.

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