Okinawa: Photo Analysis (Army)

Let’s take a closer look at what the soldiers were wearing and using during Operation Iceberg. To start almost all were wearing the standard Army HBT uniform and either double buckle Combat Service Boots or service shoes. It appears the double buckle is more common but it is hard to tell as no one really wears leggings so it’s hard to tell once the pants are unbloused.

Here it looks like the soldiers are wearing M1910 Haversacks, or at least the meat cans from them. It is pretty small but it looks like buttons as opposed to strap closures. You can also make out the M6 gasmask bags.

Camouflaged helmets were fairly common as well. Typically it was done with the lime green vesicant gas detection paint.

There’s a lot going on in this photo. You can clearly see all types of gear. M1928 haversacks, jungle first aid pouches, the essentially standard by this time dual canteens, folding shovels etcetera etcetera. One thing I find interesting is the bamboo edge protectors added to the armor shields. Likely to protect the soldiers from injuries while getting in and out of the actual.

Good view of satchel charges, dual canteens and helmet bands.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find larger versions of the next two photos so they are a bit grainy. Here we have a helmet band, 3 pocket grenade pouch, folding e-tools, M6 bags and M1928 haversacks.

Here we can see the double buckle boots and a non standard hunting style knife in the boot. Plus a jacket over the back of the belt.

Another photo with a lot going on in it. We have another satchel charge, an M3 fighting knife, and 3 pocket grenade pouch on the left hand man. On the right we have a captured Nambu in addition to his M1911 and he’s using an M1907 leather sling as a belt. Shout out to ww2_daily_photography (or mobile version ww2_daily_photography ) for pointing this out.

A nice close up of the helmet band in use.

A very typical set up for troops in the late war Pacific Theater. HBTs, M1928s, dual canteens and unbloused pants.

A good view of the 77th helmet insignia (statue of liberty) and the WWII era poncho.

Some final thoughts. Even though this is very late in the war we don’t see any of the later packs like the jungle packs or M1944/45 packs. As well everyone is traveling light whenever possible. Something I find interesting is that even though there helmet bands all over no one seems to use them for anything.

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