Rifle Butt Pocket and Strap Assembly

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I’m sure a lot of you have seen these strap assemblies for sale and wondered how they worked or what they went to. Well here is a little how to on how to attach and use them.

First off, these will only work with the Vietnam era Lightweight rucksack. You would have to modify an ALICE to make it work and it really wouldn’t be worth the effort. As you can see below the strap needs the full length of the frame and pack to be able to hold the rifle.

Close up of the pocket

To insert the rifle slide it through the loop at the top, then set it down into the pocket. The assembly was designed with the M14 in mind but the pocket is so loose it makes me wonder if there was something else they expected it to fit.

Here are some photos of it in use from the old TC10-8 manual.

As I mentioned in the video it looks like the sleeping bag/bed roll would make a big difference in holding the rifle in place.

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