Battle of Hue

Battle of Hue alternate. Fair amount of M17s were used in the city. Also since its was on the cold and wet side of the year a lot of Marines were wearing Navy rain jackets. (See previous post) the hoods sticking out the neck of the flak jackets are an easy way to spot them. Some other WWII era items that you see frequently were the 3 pocket grenade pouch and the mosquito net helmet cover. Web gear was also much simplified by guys. Often just a pouch or 2 and canteens. With most ammo being carried in bandoliers. (Should have hung more on in retrospect. That and I forgot the damn first aid pouch! Do’h!) To make up for it there’s some photo analysis below.

VIDEO: Navy Cross Recipient Talks About Battle of Hue
Gasmasks on, WWII cover, and 3/4 Collar vests
US Marines Tormenting an Old Vietnamese Civilian, The Battle for the City  of Hue', Don McCullin, 1968, printed 2013 | Tate
Rain jackets, grenade pouches, M17 gasmasks (in the pouch) and a 3/4 Collar vest on the left
Rain jackets and M17 gasmasks
The Battle of Hue 1968 - Photo by John Olson/Stars and Stripes | Vietnam  war, Vietnam, South vietnam
rain jackets
Tet Offensive marked the end of illusions and the hope of victory in  Vietnam - 1968 stories - Stripes
WWII mosquito net cover and M1C liner
The Marine gunny who kept his men alive at Hue City
370 Battle of Hue 1968 ideas | vietnam war, vietnam, vietnam war photos
Grenade pouch on the left most and rain jacket on the far right

For a closer look at the famous rain jacket check out my other post.

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