Early War Advisor/Special Forces

Early in US involvement duck hunter was a popular camo choice. Although it could still be found later on occasionally. The most common color pallet was the tan background but the green was seen sometimes. Web gear was very basic. 1 or 2 ammo pouches and 1 or 2 canteens. And no butt packs.

Unknown Date (early to mid 1960's) - Vietnam Special Forces Advisor |  Vietnam war, Vietnam war photos, Vietnam history
Middle Ages" Counterinsurgency: The Civilian Irregular Defense Group, the  Montagnards, and U.S. Army Special Forces in Vietnam 1961-1964 | MA/MSc in  International and World History
early special forces wearing duck hunter camo | Vietnam war, Vietnam war  photos, Vietnam veterans

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  1. Yeah I’m not to sure about it either honestly. Almost all of the pictures I’ve seen were tan background not this green. Just moving over old posts still. I’ll get around to a better set one of these days.

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