SOG Vibes

Going for a SOG-ish vibe. Honestly not the happiest with this one. I’ll have to redo it. Fill out the pouches. Got a BAR belt with M1956 suspenders and a “CIDG” rucksack. SOG nearly always wore plain sterile OD fatigues often spray painted with black to break it up. They didn’t start using camo till late in the war. Tiger stripe or ERDL would have not allowed plausible deniability if caught or killed in Laos and Cambodia.

The weapons and gear Special Forces recon teams carried in the Vietnam War  | SOFREP
Spike Team Ohio medic Joe Parnar (right) and team grenadier Mock, a Rhade Montagnard, after returning from a mission. Photo taken: Summer 1968, Kontum (CCC)
Clay Curtis, of the Special Mission Force, carries a CAR-15 rifle and CIDG rucksack whilst on an operation in the tri-border region. Photo taken: circa 1972

For a close up of the rucksack check out my other post “CIDG Rucksack

Sources. Loose Rounds and Vietnam Gear

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