Roi-Namur: Photo Analysis

Some general notes on Roi-Namur (Kwajalein). Most every marine has their leggings on day 1 but on day 2 most seem to have ditched them. Also there are no cross flap or 3rd/4th pattern canteen covers at this stage. The majority are 2nd pattern (or 1st but hard to tell). Also no M1 bayonets seem to be present. All older M1905s/M1942s. Curiously there are almost no bandoliers seen. Just 1 here and there. This is just speculation but it looks like most Marines had 2 canteens during the landing but seem to have rearranged their gear to just a single canteen on the 2nd day. They are going as light as possible.

In the above photo packs are light order. No shelter halves and I don’t even see ponchos. Also t-handle shovels are still standard.

Good shot of UNIS markings and the dual canteens. Looks like there might be ammo in the one canteen in the middle. It’s awfully squared off.

You can see the Ka-Bars are slid over the top of the pockets. Leggings and “backbreakers” are still worn. Packs have been ditched but they keep their bayonets with them. Bayonets seem fixed the entire operation.

Some Trench gun action. As much as everyone likes the purpose made shot shell pouches these guys both look to be wearing the standard M1923 cartridge belt. I honestly don’t think I’ve actually seen the shot shell pouches used outside of guards. You can fit 2-3 shells per pouch by the way (follow up post on that). Both are carrying the M6 gasmask bags. They are probably using them for gear but not unreasonable to still have the gasmasks in them. The gasmasks got a lot of use post battles during “clean up”.

MG gunner still has life belt on. If you look closely there’s even a UNIS mark on the .50. Also if you zoom in you can make out out stitching for insulation on the canteen cover indicating it being an Army pattern. The pack set up is very light. Only a shovel and grenade on it.

Double canteens and leggings still on.

Day 2, no leggings, only 1 canteen now and the scabbards have been moved from the haversack to the belt. Also most have the Army pattern M1924 first aid kit but one does have the older M1910.

Looks to be the same group from the previous photo. Only one of them seems to have a bandolier.

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