ARVN Rucksack Pros

One of the reasons I love the ARVN rucksack is that it is short enough to be worn above whatever is on the back of the belt and not interfere. You really don’t ever see this set up in actual photos. (I’m sure someone did it at some point) but I just like it.

Other reasons why it’s great:

  • Even though it’s small it has a lot of capacity.
  • numerous attachment points
  • semi external frame means it keeps its shape and doesn’t sag as well as keeps as much of the pack from contacting your back as possible. Which is a big deal in hot weather.
  • fairly lightweight

Honestly, I’m tempted to use this set up for this year’s backpacking trip with the kids. But seeing as how I have to carry their stuff as well as my own I’ll probably have to stick with the old purple monster. Does make me curios what the internal volume is though. For a closer look check out my ARVN Rucksack article.

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